Essay on What Every Parent Can Be Shared Between You And Your Child?

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What Every Parent have to find out about their children

With the ever growing busy employment schedule, it is not surprising to find that many know very little of their children. Stories have been told of a parent that showed up at the wrong school for the wrong teacher to parent conference. The parent hardly knew the school that his child attended. Quite horrifying is the naughty acts that children are scheming, plotting and planning to do. If parents had a brief idea of what their children were into, they would have them locked in their rooms till they get of age.

This makes it crucial for parents to know a lot about their children. But children too, live in a complex world filled many things parents can hardly know nor follow. The next question will be what Every Parent have to find out about their children? There are non-negotiable things that should be shared between you and your child.

1. Know their schedule

You have to know your child’s timetable, schedule and agenda. There should not be a time of day or night when you do not know of your child’s location. You also have to sanction your child of their whereabouts. This means that their whereabouts should be granted by an authoritative person. There should be absolutely no place they need to be where you know nothing about. If they feel like they need a change of plans, they should get permission from you, the parent.

2. Know your child’s teachers You have to make a point of knowing at least three of your…

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