`` What Every American Family Needs For Know About College ' By Robert Reich

793 Words Oct 5th, 2015 4 Pages
The article, “What Every American Family Needs to know About College,” the author Robert Reich, is discussing reasons that a aspiring college student and their parents should not look to the U.S. News and World Report for their annual college guide when looking for a college. Reich’s claims U.S. News annual college guide put America’s most exclusive and most expensive private universities at the top of their annual report. Reich, establishes his credibility in his article with personal facts, citing convincing facts, uses logical evidence, as well, makes emotional appeals when proving his argument. Reich claims that many of the elite institutions educate a large share of the nation’s investment bankers, corporate chieftains, corporate lawyers, and management consultants. He uses statistics that around 70 percent of Harvard’s senior class routinely submits resumes to Wall Street and corporate consulting firms. Reich, uses logic and statistics he to make his point valid and effective. He also claims, U.S. News regulates public universities with lower rankings, which admit most of the young American’s from poor families that graduate larger percentages of public servants such as teachers, social workers, legal aid attorneys, community organizers, and public servants. He uses emotional appeals as he claiming the unfairness of the Elite colleges are favored by America’s wealthy are bound to excel. He argues that the elite pour money into them because these institutions have…

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