Essay on What Events Affect Your Family Of The Person You Are Today?

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1. What events in your family of origin were significant in creating you to be the person you are today?

It seems the women in my family passed along their spiritual fever through the generations. My great grandmother, grandmother, and mother were all active in church, consistent in faith and prayer, and committed to reading and living by the Bible. My mother in particularly spent much time reading me Bible story and scriptural text. You see, it was five children in my family and dad routinely worked two to three jobs to make ends meet. I was a very sickly child experiencing a significant number of childhood diseases during my adolescent years. As a matter of fact, I failed two grades in elementary school for missing too many days with sickness. Spending so much time at home gave me the unique opportunity to spend more time with my mother than my other siblings. Her faith was so real; you could feel it as she prayed for my health and strength daily. One significant moment in my life occurred when I was seven years old. I was at home sick when for the first time I experienced a severe asthma attack (we didn’t know it was asthma at the time.) I remember mom pray and tears covering my body as I told her I was tired of breathing and just wanted to go and be with Jesus. I’ll never forget the change in her voice and tone as she screamed it wasn’t time for that yet and to hold on. I remember hearing and being placed into the ambulance before I passed out. When I…

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