Personal Narrative: What Event Has Summed Up Your 7 Years At JFS

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What event has summed up your 7 years at JFS?
"I will tell you what sums this school up best. I once helped on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition, and during the hike some children stole a shopping trolley from a Tesco, and threw their heavy bags into the shopping trolley. They then pushed the shopping trolley along the road with the bags in and took turns in pushing it instead of carrying the bags.
This is classic JFS, but the REALLY classic JFS thing about it is that when the teacher running the hike stopped them and took the trolley away (threatening to disqualify them for cheating), one of the kid’s dad rang in the next day and complained - saying that he thought the kids should be rewarded for stealing the shopping trolley because DofE is
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I guess I also realised the reason I am good at history is because I like weird things and human nature, not because I have a fine analytical mind, so I was never going to be a good lawyer. However, because of the acting I liked storytelling and elucidation, and teaching is the natural overlap of that."
Are you a cool dad?
"I dont think Im a cool dad. Living in the Highgate area you see a lot of people whose dignity has been destroyed by parenthood, but I never had any dignity to begin with. I 'm a lot balder and fatter than I used to be and that gets to you after a while. I guess I 'm not a cool dad because I feel the loss of ‘cool’ quite badly, but I was never really cool anyway, it was only really a small blip in the early 2000s where I might have been cool in certain communities."
How did your abstract ties come about?
"They are real authentic 1940s silk ties that I bought from eBay. I like vintage clothing, certainly in work I prefer an older style suit so I bought a lot of vintage
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I think looking back over it there have always been homosexual kids at JFS, but it was always kept on the down-low. I think that to have reached the point where we now have LGBT assemblies, we have had someone hang a pride flag in the Sixth form (temporary though it may have been) and having people open, present and honest about who they are (rather than all of us just pretending it doesn 't happen) has been the most impressive thing I have seen during my time at the school among the student body; and the fight needs to continue.

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