What Ethical Principles Guide Your Assessment? Essay

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a. In your program what ethical principles guide your assessment?
E.M.: Our program believes and strives to make ethical, appropriate, and reliable assessment. We want to assess young children by using assessment methods that are developmentally appropriate. Our primary focus is to observe young children in a manner that is realistic.
b. What assessment instruments are used in your program? What is their intended purpose?
E.M.: We use checklists, and observational procedures. Also our teachers build a relationship with parents so they can share what they observe at home. We work in collaboration to ensure that we are accurately assessing young children. The teachers are currently using DRDP-IT. Our program uses this assessment tool to assess young children. The teacher observed young children in a realistic environment then they document the level of development for each individual child.
c. Are the assessments you are using appropriate for the ages being assessed?
E.M.: Yes, they are appropriate because they are conducted in a manner that is developmentally appropriate. Their regular teacher is the one that assess. Our program understands that assessments should be developmentally appropriate. Conducting standardized test is not age appropriate because they may make children nervous, scared, and can be inaccurate.

d. Are the assessment instruments used following the professional criteria for quality?
E.M.: Yes, the assessment instrument we use is one of three…

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