What Elements Are Needed When Selling Gravy? Essay example

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Gravox Roxs

Today’s society is run by advertisements. No matter where you look there is some form of advertising in everyday life. Whether it be in a newspaper, television ad or more commonly in today 's world, on social media. The main purpose of an advertisement is to convince viewers that it 's a necessity to have their product. Many elements go into making an ad. The essential elements include the company 's logo, a call to action, having the product present, a celebrity, colour etc. These elements are used to help persuade the target audience to purchase the product. This particular essay will be focusing on what elements are needed when selling gravy. The product being sold in this advertisement is pre made gravy, the brand being Gravox. In this specific add Gravox has made their target audience for people who aren 't currently in relationships. In doing so they have automatically marginalised couples out of their target audience. A specific range of colours have been used to appeal to our taste senses as well as our emotional feelings. The image in this advertisement has been carefully chosen as it appeals to our appetite and taste senses. This is just one of three signifiers used in the ad. The other two being text and product.

Having little to no text has become more common in the advertisements seen today. Most audiences tend to get bored or aren’t bothered when it comes to reading a lot of information. This advertisement is targeting people who aren 't in…

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