What Effects Did the 2006/2007 Smoking Ban Have on the Uk Public House Industry If Any?

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What effects did the 2006/2007 smoking ban have on the UK public house industry if any?

The following is a report that aims to answer the question ‘What effects did the 2006/2007 smoking ban have on the UK public house industry if any?’ Reaching a thorough well rounded answer that will be developed in the conclusion is the key aim of this investigation. The intention of this report is to include relevant secondary research from a wide spectrum of sources in order to support the aims and objectives of the report, this research be featured in the findings section of the report. Information gathered has been contrived from three sources the internet where I have read through journals and news
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The important data that should be highlighted here are the 2007-2010 years as this is after the smoking ban was introduced and it is clear to see a high drop in percentage of up to 3%. In 2008 the fall was at its highest peak for 30 years at -3.47% with 38 pubs closing a week. The figures seem to be fairly consistent with just over a 1% range between all 4 dates after the ban which shows a steady decline after the smoking ban.

Figure 2 illustrates a more broken down pub closure rate scale for each individual country in comparison to figure 1, it is remarkable how similar the rate of closures are in such correlation, after the first 12 months across all 4 countries the range is a mere percent. With Ireland being more erratic suffering heavy (-7.30%) falls in pubs in the first 12 months but then decreasing slightly but finishing on almost the exact same rate of percentage drop as Scotland.

Figure 3 portrays when and how hard the recession hit the UK, it is synonymous to the smoking ban introduction and the decline in pub closure percentages. Showing a huge dip from a once prosperous growth.

"The expected boom in sales of pub meals as a result of the smoking ban has failed to materialise, according to a report.
More than half of pub landlords questioned reported no change in their food sales.
A third of respondents to The Publican's questionnaire said their food sales had gone up following the ban - but more than one in five complained that

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