What Does Your School Need Essay

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Dear Mr. D,

In classes most students don't feel like doing there work but they have to. Occasionally, students will really want to do their school work. I feel that if we have laptops, students will be more into school and their school work. I think laptops would be a good idea because behavior issues will go down, students will concentrate more, and students will be more organized. They could be a good tool and they could really make an effect on the school day.

If we got laptops, behavior issues would go down. Behavior Issues would go down because students would look forward to class more often. However, having laptops would be a privilege. If you misbehaved you would not be aloud to use if for a certain peroid of
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In fact, I also think class would go more smoothly because you would just fly through class because information and work is right there. It would be a great success.

If we had laptops at PCS, students would be more organized. Students would be more organized because they could save all their files in their documents or folders. It wouldn't take time out of class because students would not have to go searching through their binder trying to find the assignment. They could just open it right up and the teacher could start immediatly. Also it would be a lot easier to find your documents because you can sort out all your folders into what you would like and just click on one to find your document. In addition, you could save all your important essays and work. In Edutopia, it says " Textbooks are good but they can be a little behind (Like history books). With laptops all the information is up to date. Schools could save a lot of money on buying textbooks. I think this could be a really good idea for the students of PCS.

In other words, I believe that laptops could really have a great effect on PCS. I think they could because behavior issues would go down, Students would concentrate more, and Students would be more organized. You may say they are too expensive but I have many great reasons why we need them. Textbooks get out of date and Laptops are better technology. I

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