What Does Your Future Hold? Essays

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What does your future hold? No one really knows but when transitioning from your current college lifestyle to your lifestyle after college, you can expect major changes. The changes one may experience could be living in your parents’ house to living in your own place, having your parents provide for you to you having to provide for yourself, and having no job to having a good job that can pay your monthly bills. While some differences between my lifestyle today and my future lifestyle are evident, the similarities are pronounced. Most teenagers do not want to live in their parents’ house and college is a way to escape the claws of mommy and daddy. I chose to stay at my parents’ house and save money by going to the community college. Community college is a lot less expensive than any university, plus you do not have to worry about paying for housing because there are no dorms on campus. Staying at home is nice because I do not have to worry about offending my roommates if I went away to school, and I do not have to worry about the cost of living away from home. Getting through college is going to be hard but living at home is definitely helpful. After graduating from college, I plan on getting my own place whether it be an apartment, condominium, or house with my boyfriend, I will fly away from my parents nest. I think graduating college is a huge accomplishment and if you do not take the chance of moving out then you might be one of those people who live in their parents…

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