Essay What Does You Know About Personality?

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Knowing Your Personality Type and
How Knowing Personality Helps in the Workplace
The term personality is used many ways in everyday life. Physical appearances, such as height, weight, and skin color, are very common ways for people to think about personality. Many people think about it as the intellectual qualities someone has. There are also references to how someone interacts socially with others such as kindness and generosity. It is by these qualities that someone makes a judgment about another person as them having a strong or weak personality and how someone judges someone they know. Working on the SAL gave me the opportunity to develop a better understanding of my own personality. When we start figuring out what personality type we have, it leads to a better understanding of ourselves. The word personality came from the Latin word “mask”. What is initially perceived of a person, is not necessarily what they are like. That can sometimes be true in our own lives. We do not always fully understand ourselves. But it is through personality tests and assessments that we can gain a better knowledge of what qualities may be hidden.
Growing up as the oldest child, I had leadership thrust upon me. I was always being told to watch what I was doing because I had younger sisters watching my every move. I learned from a very young age to set a good example and to show my siblings the way situations should occur. Since that time, I have always stepped up when when the situation…

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