What Does You Know About Fear? Essay

1056 Words Sep 24th, 2016 5 Pages
Throughout this course we are being asked how we know what we know, which is no doubt important to discover, but what about what we don’t know. And not just what we don’t know as a whole, but what we know we don’t know? How do we handle this unknown and what is the result of it?

We are born curious, that is something that uniquely sets us apart from other species and not only are we curious, we have the drive and the ability to explore where curiosity takes us. Unfortunately, when we explore we discover many things, including the idea that there is a lot we still don’t know or understand. What happens when we reach this point of unknown? Fear. We define fear as simply an “unpleasant emotion caused by the idea that something is dangerous” (Webster). What we don’t always understand fear to be is the feeling of “anxiousness or apprehension” (Webster). What causes anxiousness and apprehension? The Unknown, more specifically, the feeling and recognition of the immensity of things we don’t know and understand. Why do we feel this way? If something is not harming us or those we care about in any way, why are we scared and apprehensive about it? Not only are we people who are curious, we have become people who desire and crave control in all aspects of life. In order to have control you must either have the knowledge and power to control something or at least believe that you do. When we can’t control things, we often pretend that we can to convince ourselves, as well as others, in…

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