Essay about What Does You Get From Santa?

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Presents with festive patterned paper lay under the Christmas tree. “From Santa” is labeled on one- or a few mysterious packages. When children return to school, conversation about the holidays will fill the air. Naturally, the question “What did you get from Santa?” arises. Mixed emotions decorate the face of a child who received mittens and socks when they hear about the Playstations and smartphones that their friends unwrapped. Does Santa play favorites? Does his Mommy and Daddy love him more than my Mommy and Daddy love me? Questions and angry and jealous brew within their thoughts. However, this situation has nothing to do with Santa, and more with social class. Social class is defined as a group of people with similar levels of wealth, influence, and status.The definition for each tier is rather open ended, it depends largely on the social stigma and location. Each class may have stereotypes or expectations of those who are not in the same social class as them. Each tier of class may have different behaviorisms, beliefs, and values. These ideas are shaped by parents/guardians, peers, neighbors, and the media. Most individuals experience change with class and wealth at some point in their lives; for the most part, a person remains in the same class they are born into. There are exceptions to each rule. Joshua Weinstein, a caucasian male in his late thirties, has experienced many positions on the social class spectrum. While growing up, he identified as middle class.…

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