Essay about What Does You Feel Was The Most Beneficial? Why?

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Which question did you feel was the most beneficial? Why? The question I felt was the most beneficial was “Who Am I?” because I do not ask myself this question too often, and to see who I think I am in my head and to put it on paper shows me that I like who I am. Not in an arrogant way but in a self-sufficient way. When thinking about the question I wondered who am I to others and how I want others to perceive me. I also wondered who will I be in the years to come that is why I wrote my goals and future accomplishments, so in years to come I can look back on it and see just how true and determined I was too myself.
Which question did you not feel was beneficial? Why? The question that I felt was not beneficial was “What stresses me out?” because, just like I answered in the journal entry, nothing usually stresses me out. I have learned to, and still learning how, cope with the struggles and worries of life. I learned how to move on from the past and not dwell on it and I have also learned not to be too anxious about the future because they both bring about stress. I have learned to live in the now, because now is a gift, that is why it is called the present. Many people get too caught up in their job or in their school work, which is good, but too much can stress them out. The question also made me reflect upon if I should every get stressed how to cope with it. The conclusion I came up with is kind of elementary but works great, that is when I get caught up in work or…

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