Essay about What Does You Do You?

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“It’s up to you two to make sure nothing happens to her.” My mother looked at both of my brothers in turn to make sure that they understand their responsibility. To be honest, I’m not too sure any of us truly understood what she was trying to say, despite the fact that this wasn’t the first time we’ve had a conversation of this nature after our nightly family worship. At the time, I had no idea what she had meant. I only knew that it was something bad, something to be afraid of. Looking back now, I realize that these conversations were meant to warn me of what she feared would happen. They were meant to warn me of my dad. Of course, It’s hard to know what someone means when they’re telling you about something you had yet to learn the intimate details of, and they’re doing it passive aggressively. Phrases like, “you’ll know when it happens,” and, “if he touches you,” were frequent in these conversations, but when you’re eight years old you don’t know what that’s supposed to mean. You can only know that it’s not a good thing.
This wasn’t the only abnormal occurrence of my childhood, but many of them I didn’t see until I was much older. It’s unsettling how much you miss as a child. Sometimes, I wonder if I block out some of the memories. I think I do. After all, my childhood seems a bit more like a blur than a timeline. There will be times when I’m having a conversation with one or both of my brothers and they will mention something that I had completely forgotten about, and…

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