Essay on What Does You Do You?

1451 Words Oct 9th, 2014 6 Pages
You look in the mirror every morning and yet it still strikes you as surprising. You feel like it should be easy to love yourself, there’s nothing inherently wrong with you… is there? You inspect up from your waist, across subtly defined abs, reaching developed pectorals and out to either shoulder to track down bicep, forearm and finally you reach your hands. When you finish flourishing your digits you find your neck, chin, and begin the journey across your face. Your cheekbones are sharp and risen, defining the landscape of your face with assistance from the caterpillar brows mostly hidden behind matted brown hair. You take a deep breath, there’s one last step your therapist insisted on, but before you can take that step you remember what your mother last told you: that you can’t let this become dogma for you. You even remember the way she described dogma, something that hounds you, regardless of if it’s true, it will pursue you. Finally, you meet your reflection’s eyes and even though you know it’s coming, you are startled. Those are your eyes… but on that body? The next breath you take rattles slightly when you try to comprehend the juxtaposition of your mind and that body, two realities that should not – cannot – coexist. It isn’t possible. Yet there it is, everyday. The world draws in as your breath quickens, mirror is lost behind counter when you collapse to the wall behind you. Quick breaths become shallow breaths, and shallow breaths rapidly turn into tears. Your…

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