Essay about What Does You Do The Right Thing?

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Looking into the past, it is easy to see the influence people have had on one another 's thoughts. Parents and teachers, writers and singers, everyone who can capture attention can influence thought. This is a great power to have, but look at what is done with it. Songs about murder and drug use. Parents who allow television to raise their children. Writers who will write anything to make a buck. And sadly, a growing number of teachers who have to focus on test scores rather than teaching. Some people stand up and do the right thing, because somebody has to or because others will not. Others do the right thing, because they know no other way to live. A fifth grade teacher who was almost an astronaut. She was a finalist for NASA 's first Teachers In Space Program. As a consolation for not making the crew, her class had a visitor from NASA every month. The students learned about space travel, aircraft, and how to make the best paper airplanes. Her lessons were memorable, due to her wonderful outlook on life, and the potential she saw in every one of her pupils. Her class theme was "Reach for the Stars!", and even following the tragedy the morning of the Challenger 's launch, her encouragement never wavered. This woman who had a chance to be an astronaut, and watched what could have been her own demise live on television, never stopped telling her students to reach for more. A high school English teacher that encouraged her students to write and be creative. Taking…

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