What Does You Become A Canadian Citizen? Essay

1090 Words Feb 11th, 2016 null Page
The clip I chose to analyze is a clip by comedian Russel Peters called ‘How to become a Canadian Citizen’. The aspect of our social life that this clip reveals is the fact that Russel’s dad, an immigrant from India, still feels the need to assimilate into Canadian society despite being a Canadian citizen. Due to the fact they traveled from another country, Russel Peter’s parents still felt like outsiders despite being in Canada for a large part of their lives. Another aspect of our social life that this video clip reveals is that Indians are born to be salesman and how they will try and convince a person to do something rather than directing asking them to. Immigrants from different countries will continuously feel like outsiders and want to conform into the wider culture in order to try and fit in.
Prior to the era of Imperialism, physical differences were visible however they did not play a significant part in how particular social institution or social structures were organised in society. Though, there is a change once globalization had occurred in countries where people had different coloured skin as opposed to the Europeans. Due to this difference in skin colour, it provided the Europeans a reason to justify their actions by claiming that “those affected were somehow inferior and that the Europeans were actually there to help them” (Naiman, 2012, p. 245). White European missionaries were then sent out in hopes to help civilize the savage population they discovered…

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