Essay about What Does Which Well Used Term Actually Mean?

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Personal Development? What does that well-used term actually mean?

I think it can only mean improving the levels at which we function in the different aspects of our individual life.

These aspects are; the way in which you look after your body; the way in which you process and express emotions; the clarity and relevance of your thoughts and words; your ability to give and receive love; and your openness to higher values and a more spiritually inclined way of life.

Personal development groups have tended to involve an 'expert/guru ' and, by inference, less 'developed ' or less 'enlightened ' members of the audience.

Personal development really only involves becoming aware of what you are actually like, what you 'd like to change about yourself, and if it is changeable, learning how to do just that!

Western European society has clearly defined 'levels ' of general functioning.

Some people are literally struggling to survive, to fight off infection, and to find shelter food and water. Government agencies, and national charities too, have a stated duty to help people on that base level of existence. We know that this is too often not a priority, and that such help is underfunded and undervalued by those with the power to make such changes to the diminished lives of so many people.

When those basic needs are adequately met, we can then see society functioning on higher levels of needs, beliefs and values. People 's interest in, and willingness for, 'growth ' and…

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