Essay about What Does We Sleep?

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Discussion There are many ideas about why we sleep, but the most common one (that people know) is to gain restoration. Essentially, all energy burned throughout a single day is restored when we sleep. Depleted during the day, rebuilt during the night. What’s important to note is that many genes found within the brain are only stimulated and active during sleep; more importantly, these genes are associated with restoration and metabolic pathways, so this idea makes sense. The most profound and primal idea, however, is that the brain process its memory consolidation, which is the brain’s ability to maintain, strength, and alter stored long-term memories. For example, if a sleep-deprived individual attends math class and learns about quadratics, the ability to learn that, on a neurological scale, is gone. On the contrary, it is not only about pinning the memory and recollecting it, but rather our ability to solve complicated issues is severely enriched by a night of sleep. Creativity, for example, is enhanced by sleep. In addition, sleep improves our ability to retain information, to make better decisions, to think more clearly, and of course, to feel good. Moreover, sleep helps stimulate the parts of the brain that are not active during consciousness. When we sleep, we are in a state of unconsciousness, and it is out of our control. The brain does not shut down when we sleep. Instead, it uses that time to repair itself and cleanse the waste products that build up after…

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