What Does Thomas Jefferson And Amy Winehouse? Common? Essay

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What does Thomas Jefferson and Amy Winehouse in common? Obviously not the winged eyeliner nor the drug addiction tendencies, yet I argue some of their most well known and popular work is almost parallel when taken out of context. Thomas Jefferson’s “Declaration of Independence,” and Amy Winehouse 's, “Tears Dry on Their Own,” show direct correlations between taking a stand so they can find their independence, and being tired of shady men in their lives playing games.
Obviously there’s a huge difference between when one of our founding fathers penned “Declaration of Independence”, and Amy’s lyrically heart-breaking song but both authors proclaim this sense of self-righteousness, and claim independence from the men who did them wrong -- whether it was a king or a bad boyfriend. Enough is enough, which harbors the need to step away and pave their own way. Amy describes her wanting to break the cycle of a toxic relationship right from the gate singing, “All I can ever be to you is a darkness that we know, and this regret I’ve grown accustomed to… It 's my responsibility, you don 't owe nothing to me but to walk away. We could have never had it all. We had to hit a wall...” The darkness she mentions is a metaphor for this grim and hopeless condition their relationship has become, and the regret that she is so “accustomed to” is the mistreatment and corruption between the couple. She continues by stating, “We could have never had it all, we had to hit a wall”. It can be…

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