What Does This Video Tell Us About The Correctional System? Essay

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1. What does this video tell us about the correctional system? Do you think this was an accurate portrayal of what really happens when people are incarcerated? Why or why not? Firstly, a correctional system is a network of agencies that manage to protect society from dangerous individuals, through actions such as imprisonment and probation.(The Law Dictionary).Watching the details behind Zimbardo’s experiment, there are shocking and disturbing similarities between the experience of the participants and isolated incidents that do occur within in our correctional institutions. In our correctional system, there is usually a system of hierarchy, with prisoners being on the bottom of that hierarchy. Individuals who are in a higher position, such as the COs (correctional officers), warden, etc., have the ability to abuse their power and to actually harass the incarcerated. For the level of abuse within the experiments, I think the severity of the abuse such as the push-ups, being stripped naked, could not talk, take their beds, etc. can only happen if those in the higher positions are not stopped or punished for their abuse. There are plenty of domestic prisons (ADX Florence Facility, Rikers Island, Alcatraz, Sing Sing Correctional, etc.) and international prisons (Bang Kwang prison (Thailand), Gitarama Prison (Rwanda), La Sabeneta Prison (Venezuela), etc.) that break the ethics codes for the treatment of their prisoners, some so severe that prisoners’ basic human rights are…

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