What Does The Word Love? Essay

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A UC reader recently shared the above image via our Facebook Page (you have Liked our FB page, right?). Since we’ve tackled “Christian” memes in the past, and since this one conveys sentiments that we regularly hear from our friends on the (far) right of the political and theological spectrum, I thought I’d take a moment to address its not-so-subtle points.

This world has redefined the word love
This world (as opposed to other worlds?) definitely hasn’t redefined the meaning of the word love. Love has a standard dictionary definition that, as far as I’m aware, still accurately reflects modern usage.
Acceptance of all false religions
No one should accept any false religion, let alone all false religions. Why on earth would you believe something that’s false? What we should do, however, is accept the reality that many people have religious beliefs that differ from our own, and that, from their perspective, we 're the ones who hold to a false religion. And, given that disparity, the best way to promote peace and understanding is to avoid terms like "false religion" entirely and instead seek to find common ground and shared beliefs.
Tolerance of all sinful behavior
As long as sinful behavior doesn’t break the law or directly affect our lives, we do have to tolerate it. This doesn’t have anything to do with love, it’s just life.
Tolerace of false doctrines
We also have to tolerate false doctrines. And others have to tolerate our own false doctrines. Again, nothing to do with…

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