What Does The Winning Solution For Top Ranking Employees At Deep Rock?

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This means that team members would vote on solutions. The winning solution would always have the support of top ranking employees at Deep Rock in order to increase the chances of success (Osland, 2013, p. 277). Conflict in teamwork inevitable and stems from differences. Conflict can be heathy as long as the source of the conflict is legitimate. Legitimate conflicts arise out of differences in opinions, objectives, goals and expectations (“Managing conflict”, p. 127). At Deep Rock there was a conflict between the call center and delivery managers regarding budget allocation. An increase in customers had created more work for both teams but there was not enough money for new hires on both teams. In this instance, labor was a scarce resource which created a conflict (“Managing conflict”, p. 127). In instances, when negotiations between managers fail the president makes the final decision. All resources are allocated using the method of rational decision making, in this process the alternatives are weighed according to perceived risks and opportunities. Investment in resources is decided based on whether or not the business believes the investment will add to the overall well-being of the business. Deep Rock’ is smart to weigh alternatives in order to reach “a win-win approach to conflict” resolution (Osland, 2013, p. 277).
Individual Behaviors Deep Rock uses intrinsic and extrinsic motivators (Osland, 2013, p. 102). Intrinsic forms of motivation are things which…

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