What Does The Whole Bible Teach Us Today? Essay

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hapter 1
1. Grudem says, “Systematic theology is any study that answers the question, “What does the whole Bible teach us today? about any given topic. It involves collecting and understanding all the relevant passages in the Bible on various topics and then summarizing their teachings so that we know what to believe about each topic.”

2. Grudem says, “A doctrine is what the whole Bible teaches us today about some particular topic; Simply a result of the process of doing Systematic Theology with regard to one particular topic.”

3. 3.1 It enables us to obey the command of Jesus to teach believers to observe all that he commanded.
3.2 Helps us to overcome our wrong ideas. Grudem says that due to sin in our lives and because we have incomplete knowledge of the Bible, we all occasionally resist or refuse to accept certain teachings of Scripture.
3.3 So that we may be able to make better decisions later on as new questions of doctrines may arise.
3.4 To help us grow as Christians.

4. 4.1 With prayer as it is a spiritual activity so we need the Holy Spirit.
4.2 With humility as you will gain more knowledge then some others. James 1:19-10 tells us that ones understanding of Scripture is to be imparted in humility and love.
4.3 With reason, we are free to use our reasoning abilities to draw deductions from any passage of Scripture so long as these deductions do not contradict the clear teaching of some other passage of Scripture.
4.4 With help from others, we should allow…

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