What Does The Success Of Individuals? Society? Essay

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What defines the success of individuals in society? One would argue that their mindset dictates success in business, social circles, personal life, sport, and in academic pursuits. A mindset evolves around beliefs, which sets the foundations in adolescence. Parents have a great influence in the formation of their children’s ' mindset, with parental nurture proving to be the first determining factor. This developed mindset then sets the tone for school achievements, and views on their own intelligence emerges. Youth who believe their intelligence is innate tend to fail, as academic classes become more challenging over the years. In comparison, those youth who believe their abilities can grow can see an improvement in grades. Their attitudes in the classrooms will be topped with enjoyment, and they go on to achieve well in tertiary study. Carol Dweck formulated these mindsets into two categories: fixed mindset, and growth mindset. Dweck has carried out many studies to explain and illustrate the differences between the two. Dweck also explains ways parents ' can develop and instill a growth mindset, opposed to a fixed mindset in their children (Dweck, 2007).

Carol Dwecks ' focus is centered on the mindset of children, and ways in which these mindsets are cultivated. By definition, mindset is said to be a personal viewpoint on one 's own qualities and attitudes (Laurian-fitzgerald & Roman, 2016). After years of research Dweck developed the concepts of a fixed mindset, and a…

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