Essay on What Does The Serial Killers? Are? Nature Or Nurture?

2039 Words Apr 22nd, 2015 9 Pages
Elizabeth Williams
Ms. Blair
English 4
2 April 2015
What causes serial killers to become what they are: Nature or nurture? There are many speculations of what makes a person do and be the things they are but it is not only nature or nurture it’s a combination of both.
For a long time people have wondered what makes people act the way they do. People especially wonder about the people of the outcast of the society, the killers. People are fascinated of how these people can do the things they do. What makes them tick and why do they do the things they do? A very important man wondered all these things also. His name was Sir Francis Galton. He was a Victorian, geographer, meteorologist, tropical explorer, inventor of fingerprint identification, and most importantly the founder of differential psychology. This is what led him to ask the question I write about today, what make people who they are: nature or nurture. “It all began with Galton”, says an unknown author (unknown, “Nature vs Nurture debate”). Sir Galton believed the way someone is raised is what determines who they will become when he said “I have no patience with the hypothesis occasionally expressed or implied” (Sir Francis Galton, But before taking sides someone needs to understand what the Nature vs Nurture debate entails. To summarize Nature vs Nurture in Psychology means people’s behaviors and personalities are based on either their genetics (nature) or their environment, how are where…

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