What Does The Root Of This Academic Pressure Lie? Essay

1485 Words Dec 13th, 2015 null Page
For generations, education has been an integral, well-respected foundation of childhood and young adulthood. But are the pressures shoved on students of all ages to achieve high grades worth the stress and problematic consequences it can induce? Few will argue that education isn’t exceedingly important, especially for today’s youth, but there are many different thoughts on how important it really is, or rather, how much more important it is than other areas. Where does the root of this academic pressure lie, and what can it do with enough power backing it? Whether you converse with a typical high school student or a fellow college student, they will heavily imply that school imposes some amount of stress on them; though this is natural, where are students, and parents, supposed to draw the “de-stress” line before the students are completely overwhelmed? In a lot of modern cases, this pressure is leading a worrisome amount of students to compromise moral standards, and equally troubling, mental health, to maintain their high grades. Both of these potential side effects of high academic pressure can completely alter how students behave in their post-academic world. Richard Weissburg says in his article, The Over Pressured Student, “In a study that my research team conducted at an independent school, more than one-third of the 40 juniors surveyed identified ‘getting into a good college’ as more important than ‘being a good person,’ and nearly one-half of students said that it…

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