Essay on What Does The Organization Need Me?

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What Does the Organization Need Me to Do?
One may ask what it means to be a leader. To some a leader means that you do what is right for the organization and put the right people in the right positions where they can succeed. Even though this statement is accurate the more precise question is “As a leader, what does the organization need me to do?” As a member of management, one would need to put the best person for the team in charge. How is that possible when the fields of candidates are well qualified? The answer may be as simple as the person who answers the call and takes action is the person to be called a leader (Baldoni, 2010).
A person that works endless hours and likes the idea of being in control is getting the job done but in reality he is paying an ultimate price. This person may be hurting his team members and preventing them from doing for themselves. This type of leader needs to slow down, hand over control by delegating to other team members and free up time and energy for him. In defining what the organization needs you to do, it may be useful to take a step back and ask a few questions of your own. Asking a question with a question is a tradition that ranges back to the ancient Greeks (Baldoni, 2010).
Managers can employ questions in the same way. Ask employees what they are doing and why, learn what their day entails. By engaging in conversation, one seems interested and the employee will feel comfortable in talking. Be more strategic.…

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