What Does The Louisiana 's Budget Deficit? Essay

1387 Words Apr 25th, 2016 6 Pages
TOPS removal involvement in Louisiana’s budget deficit
The class of the year is graduating from high school congrats, but what is planned next? College, well without the possibility of TOPS not being here many students will not be eligible or able to go to college. The Louisiana budget deficit problem is affecting everyone in the community, they are taking away money from both the school funds and healthcare funds. Many students cannot afford tuition, so if they were to pay for college they would be in so much debt, especially now since the tuition fees are increasing. Many state universities would suffer. Corporate and other important job levels would decline. Office Jobs especially because we have to be insanely qualified to have these certain jobs and some people need a Bachelor’s Degree if not a Masters. Should TOPS be taken away or changed because of Louisiana’s current budget deficit? Louisiana’s current budget deficit should not allow the Government to take TOPS away from upcoming students or change the requirements to be eligible for TOPS because of many students would be in debt if they were to pay for college, it will affect current college students could lose their scholarships, corporate and other important job levels would decline, and many state universities would suffer if their performance levels drop.
TOPS should not be taken away because some students would be in debt if they decide to go to college. Though most upcoming students would love to go to…

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