What Does The Latino Student Experience? Essay

958 Words Jan 27th, 2015 4 Pages
As the population of Latinos grows in this country so will the enrollment rate of Latino students. There is a growing trend of more and more Latinos attending colleges. However, there are still many barriers to success for Latino Students. While many still struggle making it to a university or college, retention is still a major concern. The goal of this paper will examine what the Latino student experience is for student entering higher education and what student affairs is doing to address these issues. The paper will first examine the experiences of minorities in education in order to gain a basic understanding. The paper will then examine what the current experience and issues that face many Latino students. The paper will also briefly touch on theories of student development that help frame some of the issues. Lastly, the paper will examine what student affair professional are currently doing or can be done to ensure the success of Latinos entering the college system.

The experience for a minority student can be vastly different from mainstream traditional college students. (Harper & Hurtado, 2007). Therefore, it is important that a proper picture of the current forces and experience be researched in order to fully understand the experiences that many of these students are facing. While there exists a large amount of data for traditional white students, Latino student experiences are still not on par when compared. The current research that exists posits a very…

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