What Does The Future Hold For The Criminal Justice System? Essay

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What does the future hold for the criminal justice system? For some the answer is that nothing will change. The though is that the prisons will continue to be overcrowded, there will continue to be a decrease in management as well as no substantial change in leadership and that there will be an influx of younger, more violent offenders entering the system. The criminal justice is in need of overhaul. This is true of the system from the aspect of the victim to the offender to the officers involved. From all aspects, there needs to be change. As George Bernard Shaw said “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”; how do we progress? Does the change come from the victims, the courts, law enforcement or from the correctional system?
The criminal justice system is very complex and can be very confusing. As the victim of a crime, it is easy to feel as though nothing is being done to punish criminals, protect victims or even receive justice. For some, any contact with the police is unpleasant whether through previous experience or misrepresentation in the media. Often movies and television shows given incorrect impression of the criminal justice systems. From showing corrupt police and judges to those who are over-involved the media tends to give unrealistic expectations. Cases are solved, kidnapped children are found and criminals are sentenced quickly and swiftly. By contrast, experts feel that the system “fails to…

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