Essay about What Does The Energy Resources Succeed?

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In any society, the fundamental economic problem is scarcity, trying to satisfy unlimited wants with limited resources available. One primary resource that is scarce and becoming more so is energy. The amount of available energy, as in fueling energy, has decreased over time, due to usage. The major energy sources that are being dwindled are those that are nonrenewable, meaning they cannot be used again. Without a stable supply of energy, a society slows and eventually falls. Each fuel source has its own benefits as well as setbacks. Some have economic perks, while others have larger environmental setbacks. Many of the energy resources chosen in a scenario are selected because they are cost-effective in the situation. To be cost-effective however, any source of power has to produce more energy than it consumes (Massey, 2014). Cost-effective does not include the overall effects of usage however, and imply a necessary shift towards more friendly fuel sources, in both economic and environmental aspects, leaving out many facets to consider. Starting with the most argued feature, the better resource is one that has less of an environmental impact. The consumption of energy has some impact on its surroundings regardless of energy source. The most used of nonrenewables, oil is the most focused on. The energy requirements could meet the projected population and economy using fossil fuels alone, only, however, if emissions are not taken into account (Lewis & Nocera, 2006). With…

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