What Does The Best Things About Being A Father Is Taking On Tasks With Your Children?

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One of the best things about being a father is taking on tasks with your children. Imagine a son and a father are wanting to start a remodel project and the son doesn’t know how to run some of the tools. Many schools across the nation are eliminating technical and vocational programs such as metal shop, wood shop, home economics or computer programing. This makes it really difficult for some who may find the hands on learning that shop classes offer very helpful. Beliefs have changed; everyone wants everything to be safe. Even if they have to accept issues that result from it. Vocational and technical classes are vital because they help children who have learning disabilities, teach children how to adapt to challenges and shows there are many ways to accomplish the same task.
No children are alike; some need the hands on learning vocational classes offer. James Paul Gee wrote an article “What Video Games have to teach us”. This article shows that just because something is different it does not mean it’s any less valuable. Hands on learning may not be a conventional method of learning, but it doesn’t mean it is any less important. Children who have learning disabilities need the hands on learning that vocational classes offer, because they need to be able to move and manipulate parts to fully understand how something works. “Along with the designer, the player’s actions co-create the game world” (Gee 4). Vocational classes, much like videos games draw in and engages the…

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