What Does The Acronym P.i. E? Essay

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Short Questions
1. What does the acronym P.I.E stands for? How does it apply to the profession of social work?
The acronym P.I.E stands for Person in Environment, which as a method is designed to recognize social functioning problems from a holistic perspective. P.I.E system provides the concept that an individual and his or hers behavior or situation cannot be understood sufficiently without consideration of the various aspects of that individual’s environment. Within the profession of social work, P.I. E is a framework that considers clients in the context of their unique environment such as family, institutional, spiritual, physical, social and cultural. P.I.E allows social professionals to explore how social systems impacts individuals’ developmental experiences and current life difficulties and strengths. For example, a social worker that is aiding a person facing trauma, within the P.I.E model, would link how the client’s culture, family, physical state, or spiritualty affects the degree of the disturbance, experiences prior or how the client cope with this specific trauma. This method enhances the interdependence of the client within their family, other social networks communities or lager environment.
2. Why is it important for professional social workers to explore their personal values and confront their basis?
As human beings, we all own values and biases that we have developed throughout the course of our lifespans. A…

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