What Does Stress And Burnout? Essay

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As a profession, nursing is heavily laden with an emotional burden that can easily lead to burnout (as cited in Piko 2006, Leiter et al. 2009). Nursing duties can be cumbersome and involve providing care centered on basic activities of daily living, making sure that patients are safe while in their care as well as working continually under highly challenging and stressful conditions. Thus, nursing is considered as an occupation that has a high risk of burn out (as cited in Chang, 2012).
Stress “can cause unusual and dysfunctional behavior at work and contribute to poor physical and mental health” (Cox et al 2004) and when stress is high and the person gets no help or support, it may lead to lack of ability to work and psychiatric illness.
Understanding how stress and burnout are displayed in staff allows the nurse manager to be alert to the signs, so that they can support members of their teams during times of stress so that high quality of care to patients can continue. Because leadership plays a crucial role in the amount of stress frequently seen in a group, managers have significant accountability for stress control. Supervisors’ four major stress-related responsibilities are “recognizing the signs and symptoms of burnout and taking remedial steps, reducing the stress that they may personally cause, empowering their employees and raising their self-esteem” (McConnell, 2014) Causes and Effects of Stress and Burnout
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