Essay on What Does Sisterhood Mean to Me?

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What does sisterhood mean to me?

When I think of the word sisterhood, I think of more than one individual sharing a blood-like connection. A sister is someone who you can talk to when you can't talk to anyone else. Someone you can get into an argument with and laugh within the next second because you know each other didn't mean it in a harmful way. She is someone who can make you laugh when you feel like crying, and will always keep it 100 with you by not telling you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. That someone you can depend on to be your rock when everything else is shaky. I believe that sisterly love means to accept your sister for what and who she is flaws and all.
The difference is having a sisterhood within a
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When you’re inspirited by the type of relationship you would have with a sibling, a sister to be exact. being supportive in a nature of women connected to such an intense level is a feeling that no one can take away. I have been told that there is a difference between calling someone your sister once you have joined an organization but the ones who are really your sisters are the people who you have been through something with.
A Sisterhood is an array of feelings, emotions, and connections. It can't be described in one certain way or by one word. Yes, it is challenging but no one ever said that it would be easy. Sisters are there to pick each other up when they are down, and we are only as strong as our weakest link. It is mind over matter situation, and besides it’s making us stronger and better by challenging our beliefs, our morals, and maturity. It makes you re-think where you're going in life and how you're getting there. Sisters may not always agree. In fact, they may fight all the time.
Sisters may say hurtful things. But in the end there's something real. In a world where everything is superficial and material, you have something real if you have a true sister. You have a friend. The true meaning of sisterhood is a sense of love and support for one another. Sisters are there when no one else cares to.

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