What Does School Mean? Essay

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What does school mean? During your time In pre K-12th you 're set to learn, I would say the basic counting, reading, writing etc... there’s plenty of things grade school should have taught better, money management, first aid, communication. My experience there are not many tools given to their students to use in the adult world. Maybe it’s the reliance on a standardized test? But through my experience through high school, I am the person that I am today. I have the tendency to procrastinate. I also hated to ask for help from anyone that wasn’t a teacher or an aid. There was a feeling of frustration that I didn’t get it, but my peers did. This was harmful and anytime a teacher asks me to ask one of the “smart kids” for help I always felt I was being ridiculed. I was angry to expect the help so I stared off into space. What I realize now is they probably didn’t care and they might have been able to help me understand it in a way the teach couldn’t. I think this experience should I had a very closed mindset. Even now taking college, after a seven or so year hiatus and failing both of the subjects I was enrolled in I asked myself if I was ready? Did I take to much on at once? Could I do it? I think I can as long as my mindset Is right. Then there is what I want from college. Was a trade school better? In fact, during my last two years in high school, I took classes at The Center for Technolgy Essex for professional foods. During my time there we learned how to cook,…

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