What Does Recent Social Psychology Research Tell Us About Factors That Enhance Or Deter Attraction?

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Intro: Attraction stems from the basic human need for affiliation. The definition of the need for affiliation is: “The basic motive to seek and maintain interpersonal relationships.” (Baron, 2012). This need for affiliation is a basic human need that drives everyone to affiliate, weather that be by sexual (romantic) relations, familial relations, or friendly relations. Which all makes sense from an evolutionary point of view. We needed sexual relations to ensure that our genes were spread on to future generations and we needed the familial relations so we would care for and make sure our future generations would survive. While our friend relationships were important for being able to rely on others for help in a hunting and gathering community. There needs to be more here!!!!
What does recent social psychology research tell us about factors that enhance or deter attraction to others?
Recent social psychology research tells us that attraction is due to human’s need to affiliate. There was a study done in 1959 where Harlow experimented with rhesus monkeys. The monkeys were raised without mothers and other monkey contact; you could see that this had a negative impact on the baby monkeys. When introduced to other monkeys in adolescence and adulthood the monkeys raised without pervious monkey contact were very aggressive and anxious. The same was found in feral children. So we have seen this evidence in previous feral children like Victor, “the wild boy of Aveyron”. There is…

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