What Does Race Matter? Essay example

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Does race matter? - This question holds an abundance of power with only three small words. My belief is that in our society today, yes race matters. However, I also believe that the word “race” has been greatly manipulated by our society. As humans, our brain categorizes using visual similarities between other humans. We see similar skin colors and group those individuals together based on this one characteristic. The problem with race in our society lays within the discrimination and broad generalizations that link people of the same skin color. This allows racism to impact people socially, economically, academically and culturally.
There are many examples that show the importance that our society puts on race. One of these is the headlines depicting the events in Ferguson this past year. The words “black” and “white” were never omitted from any of the articles. The actions that took place and the fact that a boy was killed should have been the focus. When in reality the focus was shifted to skin color because the people involved were not of the same race. That is not to say that race was or was not the reason this event took place. The significance is that the headlines and the thousands of protestors in Ferguson supported the fact that race matters. When the focus shifts to race, individuals that associate with that race feel that they are being personally attacked. This leads to the feeling that the individuals of that race need to defend themselves.
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