What Does Privilege Provide? Why Do People Seem For Hate The Word?

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What benefits does privilege provide? Why do people seem to hate the word? Literary critic, Parul Sehgal, in her informative paper, “How ‘privilege’ became a provocation”, argues “Privilege blinds, because it’s in its nature to blind”(Sehgal 1). Sehgal explains how the definition for ‘privilege’ has changed over time and how it affects people today. People view privilege as an undeserved success; one simply attains privilege by birth or luck, rather than working for it. This thought process results in an association between privilege and shame. As such, many feel shame when one addresses them as privileged, thus causing them to dislike the title ‘privileged. Due to their unjustified success, the privileged may not understand the trials the underprivileged stare down. Therefore, one can conclude “privilege blinds, because it’s in its nature to”(Sehgal 1). Privilege causes a social pyramid with a massive chasm between the rich and poor obscuring the struggles and trials the underprivileged endure
Sehgal begins her article by discussing what ‘privilege’ means. She acknowledges how privilege has changed, but she does not omit the current perspective. Sehgal claims people refer to privilege as the “unearned benefits afforded [to] a group of people”( Sehgal 1). The underprivileged can not earn some of these benefits, such as higher job interview chances, causing people to hate privilege. In accordance, when one mentions privilege, multitudes believe “it’s almost always as an…

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