What Does Pregnancy Mean? Essays

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Nowadays there are women getting pregnant from when they start developing eggs to when they go through postmenopausal stage, which is when their period starts to stop. The younger the woman the more probability to become pregnant and not have any health risk or birth defects.
On the other hand the more women get older, the more health problems they can face. Some of the problems are difficulties to conceive, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and premature birth. Not only the mother,but also the baby can face chromosomal problems like Down Syndrome. Later on in life the baby will grow up to become a teen, that is when the mother and father will need mental and physical strength of a young person to control and teach the teen what is good and bad in life. The oldest age women should consider to have a baby is 34 because there is less health risk, young , and economically stable. For most women pregnancy is the best thing that has happened to them. In the article What does Pregnancy Mean by AudioEnglish.org, pregnancy is the period from conception to birth.The process of pregnancy is when the male sperm makes contact with the female egg and fertilizes.Then there are different stages in which the baby starts to grow in the mother’s uterus during 9 months until the baby’s birth. In fact, teens are most likely to get pregnant due to greater number of eggs that would fertilize, but since they are still young and cannot take that responsibility most of them go…

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