What Does Piano Mean To You Essay

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When I play the piano, it relieves my stress. When I hear myself play the piano, it relieves my stress. When I listen to music, it relieves my stress, any music, any radio station. So, I believe that music or piano relieves stress. I have played the piano since I was in first grade. I have always loved music, especially since my mom played piano and likes to sing. Whenever I play the piano and hear those flowing notes, I feel like I have less stress. The elegant sounds of the piano give me a chill. I have always felt like the piano has been a soother for any stress. When I hear myself play, I feel like I am just losing all that stress, right away. I feel so calm when I play. I feel like I am unstoppable, I feel like I can do anything. When I started …show more content…
I think the best music on the radio that relieves stress for me is Christian music. I feel that the Christian songs help me because the words remind me that no matter how hard life gets, God is always on my side. One of my favorite songs is Flawless by MercyMe. The lyrics from the song say, “The Cross has made you flawless.” Even when life is hard, I’m perfect in God’s eyes. I also like to listen to other radio stations. If I listen to Star 102.5, for example, those songs pump me up and make me feel happy. When I am doing homework, I usually listen to music online. I feel like any radio or online music can relieve stress.
I believe that music/piano relieves stress. The piano is so elegant and has a beautiful sound. The sounds of the piano just give me the chills. I get a tingle down my spine when I hear myself or someone else play the piano. Music is a comfort to many people. I have found that whether I listen to music on the radio, play the piano myself, or hear others sing, music makes me feel better about myself. Any type of music: pop, rock, Christian, country, really anything can help with stress. At least I think so! This I

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