What Does My Heroes Mean To Me Essay

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“My heroes are those who risk their lives every day to protect our world and make it a better place”. The definition of the word military is “the armed forces of a country”, but the word military means so much more to me. Military to me means a group of individuals who don’t think twice about themselves, but are always thinking about other people. Military men and women look in front of them to save what is behind them, which is our country of America. Risking their lives every second of everyday trying to keep our country safe and out of harm 's way is a task worth fighting for. I’m going to tell you about a movie based on hope from a U.S. Marine Sergeant who returns home from his third tour of duty in Iraq. U.S. Marine Sgt. Logan Thibault …show more content…
It is a world where neediness and starvation have been abolished and interchanged with fairness for all people. It is a period where we have freed ourselves from the grasp of bigotry and segregation and grasp individual and social assorted qualities. I see a future in which we meet the essential needs of each man, lady, and kid, reaching out to understand their desires and dreams about a better life. It is a dream where clean water and clothes on their back are available to everybody. In order to have a good life, we have to have a world to live in. Hateful effects on the nature of our planet’s assets have been minimized, and our expectations for everyday comforts are legitimate. It is a period where we work towards saving nature to guarantee that the next generation will acquire a world not in ruins, but rich in biodiversity. I see a future where we have moved far from our hunger for force and rather cooperate in common participation towards more healthier ways of life for all natives on Earth. It is a period where innovation and institutional change no more jeopardize the systems we possess and rather serve to improve both the present and what 's to come. My vision is of a world loaded with trust and peace. My vision is a world full of

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