What Does My Bones Are Not The Strongest Bones There Is,?

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I would start with the one I always think of the most. My pumping hearth, that is in no need for an electric recharge like our electronics. How it quickly pumps out the blood allover the body without stop, carrying the very well needed oxygen to the body in a matter of seconds, easily achieving the impossible.

Journal Entry # 2

My bones are not the strongest bones there is, nor are they as flexible as I hoped they would be as a child but nevertheless; I am grateful for my bones. They help me walk, push, kick, punch, jump and my favorite, running. Not to forget to mention how they protect my internal organs, keeps them in place as well as my flesh and muscles. I love my bones no matter what.

Journal Entry # 3

The mind
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It’s what helps today’s world advance, grow, communicate, saves time and saves lives. Phones, computers and other electronics are part of that branch, it can be as helpful as it is hurtful. I prefer to focus on the technology that is more helpful, how it helps firefighters save people from danger, helps doctors, medics, nurses and the EMT’s. How it helps the cops and detectives capture criminals and sometimes serve justice

Journal Entry # 17 “a Healthy body in a healthy mind” is a an other quote that I love, its true to ever bit of it. A healthy mind can lead one to a healthy body and a much happier life. When we take care of ourselves by meditation or excursion or just eating healthy, we tend to remove the negative energy from our body, when that happens the body gains more positive energy. Having a healthy body means you can move with out pain, worries or fears, it helps us live longer to see the future that our loved ones will grow up in

Journal Entry #
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Islam forbids us from hurting people in any way, to be liars, manipulative, killers and so many bad things. It encourages us to be the best we can be, It gives opportunities one never thought possible, it pushes me to be a better person, to help other, to not hate because it will taint the heart and blinds the heater from the truth. it keeps me away from dangerous ideas or actions, it protects me from others and protects others from me, strangely enough. Its hard for me to really explain with out going on and

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