Essay on What Does My Audience Need?

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Step 1: What does my audience need?
Before you build your deck, or schedule your meeting, you need to ask yourself:
 What are the needs of my audience?
 What is my audience expecting?
 What does my audience need to hear?
Notice, that "what do I want to say" is not listed. This is why putting yourself in the position of the audience is critical to digital delivery. This is not about what you want to say to them, this is about using keen strategies, research, and prior knowledge to figure out what the audience needs - then developing a presentation that resonates with them. To establish credibility, and immediately gain trust and empathy, think about the specific audience and cater to these questions:
 What does my audience know about ________?
This helps you to better understand where there needs to be deeper explanations, or address things that might be different in your organization/solution. This is also a key area where you should be considering your vocabulary - are you using terms/phrases that are new to the audience? Are you making assumptions?
 What do they feel about _______?
Is this topic stressful to them, have they had bad experiences in the past, do they have preconceived notions about this topic? Understanding their feelings is vital to the tone and purpose of your presentation.
 What are they expecting from this presentation?
Have you clearly outlined what they should expect? Did you include information about the flow of the presentation in the…

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