What Does Miley Cyrus Has Done? Essay

1005 Words Sep 17th, 2015 null Page
I shake my head to bring myself from the depths of my imagination, and as my eyes begin to regain focus on the screen, I see the catch phrase “You will never believe what Miley Cyrus has done!”
Do I really care?
As I subconsciously click the picture to find out.
Oh Miley, you have done it to me again. How you capture my curiosity with your controversial ways of captivating an audience; your wild ways telling the rest of us you are free to live life in your own way, free of the shackles of society’s moral guidelines. As I continue to read through the articles slanderous overtones about the bad influence Miley has on the younger generations, I abruptly change direction in thought to my personal belief; it is more likely a lack of proper parenting, which leads to the demise of kids today. Every generation has someone like Miley, yet the article portrays her as the first to break the mold.
My thoughts continue flooding through my mind like a raging river; churning one thought into the next. I find myself drifting further downstream, from my daydreams about Miley to questioning how easily personal beliefs can tear nations apart at the seams.
How quick we are to pass judgment and damn one another, how quickly wars can be waged, and many times sadly done in the name of religion.
Questions continue to echo in my mind, while the sadness of the world enveloped my soul, I find myself opening a new page tab. There Google happily awaits to lead me in the direction of the answers…

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