What Does Massacring Innocents Show About The Catholic Church?

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Those monsters. Those hypocrites. Those ungodly, corrupt, monstrous hypocrites. I had a town. I had a congregation. I had a community. They took that all away. The Inquisition massacred my town.
What does massacring innocents show about the Catholic Church? Does it show that they are moral? Certainly not. Does it counter the accusations of corruption rife throughout the church? Not but in forever silencing the voices of the accusers.
I am a servant of God. That fact will never change. I may have once called myself priest, but that title has been tainted with the corruption that has overtaken the Catholic Church. It is because of this that I would have broken ties with the church, were it not for the danger that would have ensued for me and my entire congregation. So, instead, I formed in secret a sect to worship God purely and directly, under cover of darkness. A good lot of my townsfolk joined me in this - perhaps one in three. With this system, we seemed to have a greater connection with the divine. It was simple, and untainted. There was no hierarchy apart from God and his disciples. This system of worship worked well for a time. We would perform Catholic mass during the day then return that night for true worship. Then yesterday came the inevitable demise of our sect.
The worship had only just started when the doors were thrown open, followed swiftly by the march of Inquisition soldiers into the church. The soldiers were clad in polished armor adorned with silver and…

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