What Does Marijuana Cause? Essay

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What does marijuana cause? and how it spread in the past years?. "Marijuana is the most common illicit re rational drug used in the United States". "As many as 77% of illicit drug users are current users of marijuana”. Marijuana has spread a lot and peoples who takes it between 12-25 ages. Millions of people around the world are marijuana users. United State of America had legalize the marijuana in Colorado.CO and Washington.DC. It’s wrong to legalize the marijuana, because it’s effect for the body, health, and family issues. There “re many side effects of marijuana that impact the community and the person himself.

Marijuana can effects very badly on the health. ”Mar“juana can effect specially the brain. It can effect the memory, the person who take marijuana always forget things. It can make the person does not realize what happen around him. If he or she are students face problem in learning lessons and analyze it. Marijuana can effect on behavior and make the person do things that he or she does not aware from it. The most important effect of marijuana it’s on pregnant women. “Research shows that the use of marijuana in the teen years increases the severity of schizophrenia and lowers the age of its onset for those susceptible to it." Marijuana it’s very dangerous for the people it can take you far than marijuana such as drugs and be addicted on it.

"Quitting or reducing marijuana does not restore intellectual functioning”. According to the British Lung Foundation,…

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