What Does Literacy Mean? Essay

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Throughout the current fall 2016 semester, I am enrolled in EDUC 4222: Language for Educators. This undergraduate course is through a university in the West United States. I am taking EDUC 4222 because it was one of the course options available to fulfill the “History or Grammar of the English Language” requirement for the secondary education English teaching certificate I am earning. In EDUC 4222 we are exploring critical literacy and the ways in which reading, writing and technology practices aid us in participating, evaluating and challenging cultural norms. Through a social justice approach, the question of “what does literacy mean” provokes the class to evaluate “literacy” through the nature of linguistic development and performance while considering power both in society and within the classes that we will one day lead as educators.
The transcript I analyze in this paper comes from a semi-structured interview I conducted midway through the semester. I conducted this interview with my cousin, Margaret and friend from high school, Hannah. (All names are pseudonyms). During this interview, the only structured question I asked Hannah and Margaret was at the beginning. This question was “So, what are our earliest memories [from] reading?” I set the stage of the interview with this question because I wanted to direct the talk so that participants would reflect on their earliest reading history and the significance of behind it. Throughout this paper, I will…

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