What Does Kill A Mockingbird? By Harper Lee Essay

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As one may know, humans are not simple and one-sided creatures who can be understood in a matter of minutes. They are beings of an intrinsic and contradictory nature which results in their complex personalities. In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, set in the 1930’s south, we see many characters who display multi-sided personalities and traits; while they may appear to be solely “good” or “bad” at first, they actually prove to be complex individuals. In this novel, Harper Lee ensures characters are not simply “black and white” or good and evil. She creates characters who are not one dimensional but are instead beings of varying complexity who cannot be judged by first impressions. Dolphus Raymond, the town “drunk”, is criticized for his apparent addiction, but in reality he is a sober man who has created a compromise for the benefit of the people around him. In the scene where Atticus’s children witness Dolphus lunch outside the courthouse with the African American community, they question why he would rather be with them instead of the whites. In response, Jem retells the well known story of Dolphus, depicting him as a man who coincides with the black community and is coincidentally a “drunk” at the same time. We can infer that tellers of this story see a correlation between Dolphus’s drinking and living habits. They believe that his connection with the black community is simply a product of the “...clutches of whiskey” (268); a result of an incapacitated…

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